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Leading Educational Consulting Firm in Nigeria

What is a consulting firm?

An educational consulting firm is a firm that produces professional recommendations as a solution to clients’ educational problems and related issues. According to thefreedictionary consultancy is a business of one or more experts that provides professional feedback to an organisation and individual for a fee.

The model of this business is the provision of professional advice at a fee. We have the following consulting firms that are leaders in the industry. They include; Accenture, McKinsey, Bain & company, Boston consulting group etc.

The consulting profession vary from one form to another. We have the following;

  •  Management consulting, 
  • Legal consulting,
  •  Architectural and engineering consulting, 
  • Educational consulting
  • Medical consulting among others

CF Educonsult-A cutting edge educational consulting firm

CF EduConsult is a registered leading service supply and consultancy organization in Nigeria. We professional in providing customized solutions aimed at bridging the educational divide in institutions, corporate organizations and governmental bodies.

A unique feature of CF EduConsult is our demand-driven approach to service delivery. All of our efforts are based on delivery of quality and in-time output, based on a sound and proven linkage with business, industry and organizations, and hence an integration into economic development.  

With a primary function of responding to the tailored needs of our clients. We are uniquely positioned to support your organization in the efforts embodied in specific Projects.  

Our Mission is to provide complex improvement in the level and culture of project management, as a means of across the board improvement in the prosperity and the standard of our clients, and in doing so, society as a whole

CF Educonsult Strategic Consulting   Objectives:   

We pursue the following opportunity which set us apart in the Nigerian consulting industry;

  1. To Promote and champion Inclusion and Inclusive practices.
  2. Offer internationally recognized educational training for both general education and special education topics
  3. To Promote Agricultural Education   
  4. Provide integrated educational consultancy services.
  5. To provide general Consultancy Services
  6. Provide educational based management solutions to schools, colleges and universities and related centres.
  7. Provide expertise in developing educational training contents.
  8. Organize educational conferences, seminars and events to learn the innovation and upgrade ongoing in the industry.    
  9. Build strategic partnerships with similar world class organizations.

Our consulting Services

As a professional brands in the industry, what set us apart is our unique and solution-driven services. These services cut across educational conference/exhibition to tourism. Below are the specific services;

ICT Integrated and Enhanced Learning:

They include;

-school management systems (online and offline)

-Teachers training

With a wide variety of technology solutions, Education becomes more immersive, both students and staff love the work they do through the power of technology. 


Educational Tours

We provide this highly desired service to academic institutions that want to give their students an unforgettable tour experience. We have had tours in the following countries below;






Unforgettable experiences don’t come prepackaged. We Make your trip one that you and your students will never forget with a fully customized educational tour that fits both your curriculum and your budget.

Abroad School Placements

Finding the right school is an important step to getting the best education. We work with a variety of schools in over 15 countries and leverage on this to give our clients the best opportunity. We have many testimonials about this our excellent service delivery.


Corporate Training

The road to quality is training – effective and progressive training that will add value to your business and place it at the top at CF EduConsults.


Career Guidance

We confidently guide our prospects on the right career path with our team of experienced consultants. Other services of the company can be summarized thus;

  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • International Education Placement
  • Career Development
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Corporate Training
  • Educational Travel and Tours
  • Online PR services
  • Agricultural Consultancy
  • Social Media consultancy and Promotions
  • Content Developer and Strategic Advisory

Why is CF Educonsults the Best Educational Consulting Firm in Nigeria?

We are known to have the following advantages and edges in the industry;

  1. Professional Edge :we work based on a professional standards which are in line with the company’s policies.
  2. Talent Edge: We have a team of talented consultants that have specialized expertise and experience. We have the best hands to proffer solutions to our clients needs.
  3. Client’s Satisfaction Edge: We always place our clients ahead and all our operation is tailored towards satisfying the customers.
  4. Solution-Driven Edge: We only focused on how we can achieve the results that will make our clients fully satisfied. We worked towards improving these edges on a daily basis in order to serve you better

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